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We are selling imported Korea (100% imported products) wall sticker and also local brand [De Series] wall sticker online.And our location is in Malaysia. It is a new & trendy product to change your room design in few minutes! Surprisingly, it is in low price!

It is suitable for all the flat/smooth surface! And of course, it is not only for your wall, it can use on electrical appliance, windows, doors, mirror, wardrobes & etc, as long as it has a flat surface!

What is the special points for Korea Wall Sticker?

Removable Reusable Water-proof Low cost Sample photo attached! (however, you may arrange it in your own way also!) Simple application ( Peel & Stick)

And for De series wall sticker, it is :

Water-proof Low cost Sample photo attached! (however, you may arrange it in your own way also!) Simple application removable by the assistant of hot air to reduce the damage to painted wall

Wow! It is so easy to make over your space, do it by now!

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Product Demo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How big of the sticker??!

" May i know how big of the sticker will be?"

This is the question that our customer always ask. But it is good to make clear before order as you got no chance to "preview" the items before order.

Normally you can see below description for every wall sticker we have here.

Model : PS58089
Size : 50cm x 70cm
Status : Available Selling Price : RM 45

What is the meaning of this : Size : 50cm x 70cm ?
Picture below will show you the answer!

Yes, the size indicated actually is the size for the sticker in whole piece. But actually you can notice that the picture were pre-cut into small piece and you need to arrange it by yourself (that's why we call it DIY sticker!! ). But don't worry, there will be some labeling or sample photo for your reference!

So from here, you can roughly know what is the size for the birds, leaves, color circles and so on. And you can roughly estimate how big was the picture after you arrange it properly!

If you arrange the design follow this option, you can get a tree with 117cm in height, and the width is around 65cm. And if the swallows are included, of course width is more than 65cm!

That's why we always said, the picture actual size is really much more depend on each person's decision!

See, below is another sample by the same sticker. Tree height is something we can't change much, but if we move the color circles to higher position, total height of the picture was changed! And we can do adjustment to prolong the width also! Yes, this is the magic of DIY wall sticker!!

Remember, do confirm with us if you are having any problems on it!

Hope you can get more ideas from our tips today!


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